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Property developers play a major role in the building and construction industry. It is a very complex business. Many property developers face many problems and issues, eg. Funding; Finding the right town planner, architect, surveyor, engineer and inspector; Approval for plans and permits; Under budgeting for developments; Sourcing property and sites ; GST compliance and application of the margin scheme ; Cash flow.

Compliance with the Australian Taxation Office is also a major issue for many property developers. Dealing with issues like GST and the margin scheme, BAS and income tax payments are very important. Paying too much GST or tax if incorrectly applying the margin scheme due to incorrect calculations being used can be costly to any business. If you have an accountant that understands your industry and can assist and make these compliance matters easier to deal with, it makes life easier. An accountant that knows a property developer will receive GST refunds regularly and ensuring they receive them from the ATO promptly and when it arises is important for cash flow planning.

The team at KPMC offer property developers a range of accounting, taxation and business services including:

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