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The medical industry plays an important role in today’s society due to our ongoing need for health services. Whether you are a general practitioner, physiotherapist, dentist, optometrist, eye specialist, surgeon, obstetrician or any other medical practitioner it’s important that your accounting and financial affairs are attended to by someone experienced and understands your industry and business.

An accountant should be advising you of up to date and modern accounting systems and software that reduces time spent on unnecessary administration, bookkeeping and paperwork along with assisting in business development, tax planning and minimising tax payable. Maximising your valuable time to provide high quality health service is a priority. Our team at KPMC offer medical practioners a range of accounting, taxation and business services including:

If you are a part of the medical profession or are considering starting a business in the medical industry, please call us on 0425 365 558 or email us